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Have you been looking for a tool to help you lucid dream, recall your dreams, and even help you open your third eye to see beyond the veil? The Matrix Key will be your go-to magical aid. This spray was created to help you unlock your intuitive abilities, lucid dreaming, portal jumping, and even help with connecting with divination tools. Mist this spray on you before bed and set your intention of where you want to go. This mist is a blend of blue lotus, eyebright, mugwort, jasmine, lavender, and much more! Charged with Super Seven gemstone known for its ability to help you access higher consciousness and entering the spirit realm. This stone has long been used to help one attune their energy to that of celestial beings, allowing one to better understand the meaning and purpose of their soul. 

Use this mist responsibly and remember when lucid dreaming, anytime you wish to gain control, imagine pushing your finger through your hand. ✋🏾👈🏾 This technique can help you gain more power over your dream state.


Hold the bottle in your dominant hand and set the intention for what you want to experience in the astral realm. Spray the mist 1-2 times over your head (Crown Chakra) and your forehead (Third Eye) and go to sleep. If you struggle with dream recall, use the mist again in the morning and set the intention to remember your experience in your dreamscape. Work with this mist for at least 1 week, especially if you have trouble with lucid dreaming and opening your Third Eye!


I am required to state that this is a curio item

I craft the tools of Magick only, not the outcome.

Your own Energy and Intention are necessary

Customer Reviews

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Dorothy D.
Wouldn't repurchase

I haven't noticed any results and have been using it nightly since receipt. I wouldn't repurchase the item, it didn't work for me but it may work for someone else.

Alyssa Atkinson
I was sceptical, now I understand.

I had originally gotten the little 10ml bottle of the matrix key from AJ when I took her Glamour Magick course. I was sceptical at first I didnt know if it would really help me with what I wanted. However, I loved it so much I bought another bottle! Ive been using it to help me day to day connect with my ancestors, Goddesses, and my higher self. It has really helped me stay connected in a deeper way and I have noticed many gifts come into my life from keeping a deeper connection. I am very happy to say I have a better connection to my ancestors, Goddeses, and higher self. Now yes you have to actually do the work to keep a connection with them, which I have done. I however, have noticed that I really am keeping better connection to everyone just during the day when Ive got things I have to do. Ive gotten more messages from my ancestors and Goddesses than normal. Thank you so much AJ! Very happy with this!!

Robby j
The matrix

The matrix spray will make your dreams so lucid that you’ll have your loved ones telling you your fortune ahead through their dreams . 🔮💫

Lucid Dreaming and Vivid Meditation Visions

I have used this spray for 7 days in a row. Every night before I lay my head on my pillow I spray my crown, third eye, and heart. I have never had more sexual dreams in my life, lol.

Night #1 - it was pretty prophetic aside from it being sexual. It was interesting because there was a lot of water and pisces has been strong the last week or so. I'm not going to go into detail but it gave me some comfort in a decision I made. It was validating.

Night #2 - 5 - I've had the same dream for the last few days and it was hot and steamy! I have no clue if it's the matrix or if something else is going on but DAMN! I will say that the dreams were very vivid and it felt like I was living every detail of the dream. I can remember what was on the floor and on the table in the room in vivid detail.

Day #3 - I used it before meditating, this was really powerful. Not only was I able to get into the in-between state where I could see my visions like a dream but I was still aware that I was awake. I was in a place where my great mother, spirit guides and an angel were waiting for me, they had a message and then I saw Jacob's ladder. It was very vivid and the details of this meditation was like one I never had before.

Night #6-7 - I set a specific intention instead of the intention being to lucid dream. I can feel my crown and my head "activated" it feels like I'm floating.

I am going to continue using the matrix over the next week or so.