Glamour Witch Booklist

We love a witch you enjoys reading and research, so here it is! My favorite books on Glamour Magick. Keep in mind that not all these are about Glamour Magick but can significantly increase your power as a Glamour Witch! Remember to come back occasionally to see the updated list! Enjoy💅🏾

Baddie Bruja Secrets by Alexis Nicole Jackson

Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand

The Adventures of Sex Magick by Damon Brand

The Beauty Witches Secrets by Alise Marie

The Filthy Grimoire by Jareth Tempest

Kinetic Magick by Donald Tyson

The Art of Magickal Enchantment by Theodore Rose

Breakwork Detox by Kurtis Lee Thomas

Mind Control 101 by Dantalion Jones

Aura Streaming by Count. Daniel John Fogarty

The Octavo by Peter J Carroll

Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen

Glamour Magick by Deborah Castellano

Sigils of Power and Transformation by Adam Blackthorne

Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand

Mystic Words of Power by Damon Brand

Real Sorcery by Jason Miller

Angelic Trance Magick by Ben Woodcroft

Glamour Witch by Sophie Saint Thomas

Sex Witch by Sophie Saint Thomas