The Glamour Magick Kit
The Glamour Magick Kit

The Glamour Magick Kit

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My Glamour Magick Kit Has Arrived! ✨💅🏾 This is the Ultimate Spell Kit for anyone looking to take their Glamour Magick to New Heights! So what's in the kit? ✨💕

  • The Glamour Magick Spell Candle
  • Self-Love Cleansing Water Mist
  • Glamour Magick Spell Oil
  • Glamour Magick incense 
  • Empress Oil
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 Please remember the discount will only be applied to the course, and you must have both items in your cart at the time of checkout to apply the discount code!

This is a beautiful gift to give to a friend or family member who may struggle with self-confidence, and body positivity, and wants to learn to embrace their personal magick! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alejandra Hernandez
Second Time Purchasing!

I love this kit! The Incense is a favorite with such a great smell!

The Oils and Spray prefect tools for my Candle Magic and Rituals && The Empress Oil I love mixing with lotion to anoint my body after a shower/bath

And THE CANDLE, Divine!
My first candle is now a chalice I use on my alter as offerings and the second candle will do the same once iv burned it down! SOOO worth the price <3 <3 <3 GET IT!

Megan Meachen
Love the Items

Beautiful, quality items in this kit!

Can't wait to use it

...and manifest!