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The Glamour Witch Presents The Empress✨💰💅🏾 This luxurious spell oil is a powerhouse potion that combines Money Drawing, Attraction, Allure, and Generosity all in one bottle! The Empress is my version of a sugar baby spell oil times 10!! We aren't just calling in generous sugar daddies/mama's, we want the generosity of all who interact with us! This opens up more opportunities, gifts, and special treatment, so you can feel like a VIP! Increasing the sweetness in all areas of your life, and generating feelings of total submission from the people around you. This oil will make others want to please you and offer their kindness! This oil was also created to bring about confidence and empowerment within you, so you are willing to receive with an open heart. Knowing you are absolutely deserving! And when we believe we deserve the blessings coming our way, we open ourselves to receive even more! The Empress isn't just for women, so fellas remember you are calling on the energies of Royalty! 👸✨🤴

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I am required to state that this is a curio item

I craft the tools of Magick only, not the outcome.

Your own Energy and Intention are necessary

Customer Reviews

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Viridiana Arredondo

I have been using this oil for the past 3-4 days, and oh my! I feel empowered, am more confident, and the interaction I have at work, is like I am the go to for everything. I have applied on pressure points of my face, and my appearance ufff !! Am pretty 🥺. 100% recommend it ☺️

Love this oil

This oil is very effective and it smells great!! I keep it right on my altar and use it daily. Thank you Glamour Witch/Alexis!!!

Angel Escamilla

I am absolutely smitten by this oil. it is so self-empowering. every time I put it on I simply feel like I'm operating at the empress level of energy. people seem nicer and go out their way to look and do nice things for you.

Much love & support for Honolulu

I lived in Hawaii, which mean shipments take extra because they have to be flown out from the mainland. As always the service was quick and fast. Got my oil in time for valentine's day.

Kelsea Henderson

I ordered the oil to help in spellwork with self love and confidence and it’s so useful. The energy I felt with just opening the package was so strong. It really helps me feel like an empress. 👏🏻