Glamour Magick Oil  *Limited Release*
Glamour Magick Oil  *Limited Release*

Glamour Magick Oil *Limited Release*

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A spell oil created to attract, allure, and draw attention to all that you do. Glamour Magick has so many powerful ways to change your life, this oil is made to enhance beauty and aid in the self-confidence that is needed to maintain your shine! Add to a spell candle, anoint your beauty altar, rub a little on your body, or lightly anoint an object that you want others to be attracted to. You use this will love spells, business recognition, or even stand out in the crowd when there is competition! This oil is a limited product, a custom oil handcrafted for me by The Honey Jar! I want to share this one-of-a-kind spell oil! Charged with clear quartz this oil is the gift that keeps on giving. I love adding this oil to money spells and different workings when I wanted to draw something in and be seen! 


I am required to state that this is a curio item

I craft the tools of Magick only, not the outcome.

Your own Energy and Intention are necessary

Customer Reviews

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Dorothy D.
Alright; disappointed

I ordered the roller ball and it wasn't releasing any oil. I had to pop the top and dab the oil places. I wore it to a date. I didn't notice any differences but perhaps I didn't do something correctly. Definitely didn't notice any type of glamorous effect. I purchased another item that I didn't notice any changes with either. It didn't work for me and I likely won't repurchase these items again. I don't want to feel like I purchased snake oil or anything, I think perhaps there's a learning curve. Perhaps you have to take the glamour course prior to the purchase but I wouldn't recommend the product to my friends or family because I felt no different than if I hadn't used it all. I wish I had a similar experience as other reviewers. I wish the company the best, the product didn't do anything for me. It's a curio so there are no outcome guarantees.

Sorry to hear about your experience. With all magickal curio items, your energy and intention is required. And because I'm not sure how your using the oil, I can't recommend a solution but I will say that whenever purchasing a spell oil, you should be ready to guide the magick towards your intended goal. Hope that helps!✨

Jedric Rosales
Personal Transformation & Growth

This product totally helped and aided in the way that I perceived myself and the way that other’s perceived me. Its packed with so much magickal energy and has definitely been charged before hand. You can feel it in the presence of the oil through the bottle and all the more when it first lands on your hand.I found that intent really matters when using this oil. Depending on your intention, I found that the oil did different things for me pertaining to glamour magick, presence magick, etc. So intention really matters and can totally change up the ways that this oils is used. Ultimately, I was really satisfied with the results and what i got from it. Worth every penny

Sebrin Von Muellner
This not only helped others become infatuated with me, but I became infatuated w myself!

This glamour magick oil is UNREAL

I’m depressed or anxious, which has been lot these days, two things happen: I isolate myself and my hygiene sucks. It’s like I think “well I’m not seeing anyone” but I think I also feel like I don’t deserve even the slightest bit of self care bc my self esteem is so low in those moments.

Anyway, I lit the glamour magick candle, I took a shower, and I mixed a couple drops of the oil w my lotion before sending it my energy, saying affirmations and rubbing it in.

And once I did it, I like couldn’t stop doing self care! It’s the most basic of things but when I’m so low, I just can’t do it. But the oil made me feel like I was worthy of receiving this care. I did a meditation and made a great dinner and chugged water… I just love it so much!

I also used it in a pinch on a first date! I rubbed into my skin like a perfume and said a few affirmations/charged my intention and the man was SMITTEN, calling me his dream girl after 3 days! Granted, outta sight, outta mind. But the glamour did indeed work right then and there!

Krysten Jai

Glamour Magick Oil *Limited Release*

Bianca Petty
Confident af

I swear, this has boosted my confidence so much! I feel like a baddie whenever I wear it. Sometimes, I throw a little on before I go out and it's like my whole body vibrates with confidence. Did some spellwork with it too, and people say my outfits have been looking on point lately. Get this while it lasts! So worth it! Also, it smells DELICIOUS.