"Return to Sender" Hand-Crafted Manifestation Candle
"Return to Sender" Hand-Crafted Manifestation Candle

"Return to Sender" Hand-Crafted Manifestation Candle

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Return to Sender Hand-Crafted Manifestation Candle

Return to Sender work is used for protecting yourself against negative energies, curses, hexes, and baneful magic spells sent to you. This hand-poured candle is used to create a wall of protection that no one can get through. Charged with Black Tourmaline, Onyx, and Amethyst crystals and dressed with protection herbs, this blend will send evil running for the hills. This candle is not for the faint of heart, and should be used responsibly! If you're looking for fluffy and light magic to protect you and your loved ones, THIS ISN'T THE CANDLE FOR YOU! This is a GET OUT and STAY OUT candle, not a scented tobacco candle from bath and body works! Real Witches know how to fight!

How to use:

All Manifestation candles are charged with intentions, herbs, crystals, and oils. To link the candle to your energy, set your personal intention for how you want the candle to impact your situation. Sage yourself and spend a few moments holding the candle while meditating on your desire! Declare that it is done, and light your candle!


Receive a FREE 10ml Spell Oil of your choosing with your candle purchase!

DO NOT leave candles burning unattended! If you need to put out the flame, snuff it out DO NOT blow it out. This blows away the intention!🕯

I am required to state that this is a curio item

I craft the tools of Magick only, not the outcome.

Your own Energy and Intention are necessary

Customer Reviews

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Ney Lew
As described/ pictured

I originally felt the item was overpriced (for a candle) but there are a lot details that go into it. It gives off a light pleasant scent... it's aesthetically pleasing from the inside out... it was shipped timely and securely. It burns longer than expected. (It's a shorter wick).
It is still burning but 🤞🏾 all goes well.
I will make it through this storm🙇🏾‍♀️

Susie Estrada
Beautiful everything!

I love the packaging that the candle came in and love candle itself. The attention to detail is wonderful. I’ve burned it twice, once to set intention and today because I could feel the ick of being around certain evironments. I am feeling so much better! Also. The free oil smells wonderful!!! I will be using that as a daily part of my routine.

Impressively powerful. Review is also about the Return to Sender oil!

I used the candle for the 1st time a year ago for overall protection and it cracked and spewed at the bottom when the candle almost finished. A few days later nefarious conduct from a love interest was revealed to me and I put up boundaries.
I decided to try the oil version of this a week ago as I've been having a hard time shaking this person's energy off and thinking it is my own, even with chord cutting rituals and candle releasings. I used the Return to Sender oil on a beeswax taper candle with the intention of finally letting go of this person's energy GO. I poured it on the stop wick part and let the oil drip down, coating my yellow beeswax candle in a glowy dark cast... lovely. I then burned the candle and right when it was about to go out I got some information on the nature of this person's situation and downloads from spirit that separated me from them- their energy got sent BACK. I can still feel them but now i KNOW my part is done and all I hear are whimpers. It hits different and this ultimately helped me take my power back. THANK YOU <3

Ashley Herbert

So much beautiful intention in these candles! Will come back for more :)