Updates and More Magick!

Hello Witches,

As you may know I have recently decided to lessen my engagement with a few social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook to be exact. Their newest data policy left an incredible disgusting taste in my mouth and I don't want my magick to be anywhere near that kind of BS. This website will be your new access point for all that I do moving forward! If you are not already signed up for the newsletter and email list and do so by scroll down to the bottom of this page and type it in! I will be giving discounts and goodies for anyone who joins my patreon page and follows my youtube channel! There is a new Community Chat Feature on the Website! You can come here and connect with other witches about spellwork, magickal technique, or just to make new friendships away from prying eyes! Their is a private messaging feature in the chat so you can have more one-on-one conversations! My hope it that this becomes a witchy hub and people can get more authentic connections brewing!✨ If you are interested in joining my Patreon heres the link: https://www.patreon.com/theglamourwitchschool


Please remember to be safe and do not give any personal information on the community chat!